We received some bad news when we went to the hospital to see our son today. The attending physician in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit informed us that a sonogram of our son’s head revealed that he had suffered a grade III intraventricular hemorrhage.  The way the doctor explained it to us was that there was some intraventricular bleeding which has since clotted, but is now forming a blockage preventing the proper flow of cerebrospinal fluid. They seemed to indicate there was no reason for immediate worry, but they are going to keep an eye on it. Lucas will now receive weekly sonograms. The hope is that his body will naturally reabsorb the clots and things will go back to normal. The doctor gave us a 50/50 chance of that happening. If the clots are not naturally reabsorbed, then the doctors will have to consider a more invasive approach.

There are a lot of potential outcomes to this situation, and right now we are simply hoping for the best, and we are not trying not to focus on the negative possibilities. But this is one more complication, and it is a very hard one to bear. The good news is that so long as there are no further complications, Lucas may still be able to leave the NICU in about 4 weeks. But in the mean time Nora and I are just trying to support each other through this rough patch. I will post more updates as they occur…


Everyone’s support and concern is deeply appreciated.



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